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The Library will evolve over time. This is where you can access previous LIVE  Q&A's, Personal Development, and much more.

This is where you will be able to access all the courses offered here at

Get access to the weekly LIVE Q & A replays. The questions will be on the side of the videos for you to easily sort through.

If you're looking for easy reads, quick tips and useful links download these PDFs to take them with you on the go.

Here is where you will access all the trusted tools to help your business grow.

You can access the The Training Platform here. This is where you will get training's on various topics.

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 Work With Me Personally

Apply to work with me personally. Click the button below and fill out the form so I can get to know you and what you want help with in your business. Then you will schedule a  free 15 minute call so we can start setting up an action plan for your business.

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We will talk on the phone first so I can get an idea about your business so we can customize your website to you. Menus set up, Legal Pages done for you, home page, banners and opt in form. Everything you need to start building your email list and business online.

Wonder If This Is For You?…

  • You don’t have the time to figure out how to set up a website

  • You've tried and now you're super frustrated

  • You don’t want it to look like any other site, you want it to work for your business

  • You want professionals (aka me) to set it up for you, save the hassle and frustration

I'm here to help you!

  • I'll work with what you have. Only have a few photos and headline ideas... let's do it! I'm your girl!

  • I'll show you how to edit your website, so you can make future changes all by yourself.
  • I'll create the site you want…at a realistic price.

What You're Getting After You Purchase

You'll get a fully-customized, mobile-friendly website built on WordPress.

  • I'll set up your Homepage and Blog
  • I'll create up to five pages (you can purchase more at an additional cost)
  • You Pick? You get 2 forms (newsletter sign up form, pop-up form, or contact form)

  • We'll do 2 rounds of revisions. To make sure your site is just how you like it.

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • In the end, I'll give you a 30-minute training session, so you feel comfortable making changes on your own like the professionals.

How Much Does It Cost?



Done For You Website
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Get custom Intro and outro videos for your YouTube Videos or any video you want an intro or outro to. No longer than 30 seconds. Alls we need is you to add photos you might like, videos, the information you want on the videos.

Video Intro & Outro
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Get done for your banners, for your social media cover photos or banners  for your website. We will customize them to your business and product or service you are selling.

Pick Your Banner Options
***Once we start working on your custom requests, purchases are final. No refunds once we start.

Christina Spohr

I love helping small business owners and network marketers find a target market and attract more customers consistently!


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