best social media tools for small business owners

What Are The Best Tools For Small Business Owners?


Want to free up more time in your business; then use these 10 best tools for small business owners to save more time and stay on task.


There are a gazillion tools you can use to build  your brand and market your business or make your day more productive but which ones to use is always the question.

So I have looked into my tool belt of tools and compiled a list of the best tools for small business owners to be more productive and get stuff done so you have more time for things you want to be doing, like hanging with the family, going on a hike, laying on the beach, taking a road trip, I am sure you already have something in mind. 🙂


Some of the tools shared with you are free online marketing tools for small business owners and some you have to pay for.

So let’s dive into these tools so you can start reaching your goals and seeing the results you want to see.


Best Tools For Small Business Owners To Get Seen & Noticed


1. Creating Engaging Content 

You may have a Facebook Fan Page, Instagram Account, Tumblr Blog, Pinterest Boards and other social media accounts that you use for you business to market your products or services.  But what do you post on them?

Is it interesting content that is valuable to your market and that they want to be reading?

You may also have a blog or are thinking about creating a blog. So a great way for you to find ideas for you social media posts or blog posts is through reading others blogs. Now I am not saying copy other peoples work.

You can take the information and produce content in a different way, your way. This is what will make you be unique and stand out.

These are just three of the sites I like to use that gives me great information and ideas.


2. Make Banners Unique To Your Business

Have you ever needed to create a Facebook cover photo or a banner for your website? Maybe you want to create some content that you can share on your social media sites that is unique and made by you?

These two sites below are great for all social media sites, providing you free templates plus it is easy to customize and use.

Creating a YouTube banner can be tricky, watch the video and learn the dimensions and how to create your banner.


3. Spice Up Your Photos

Create beautiful, interesting, unique photos for your business

is a fun way to brand your business. You can have your own unique way to edit your photos.

A great way to do this is by using these two free sites below.




Or you can always go into your Apps Store on your phone

and download meme generators, video editor, or layouts.


There are so many options for you to use to the right are just a few.


These apps are for an android phone but you might be able to find the

same ones or similar ones in the apples store.



4. Get More Views On Your Website 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to get more traffic and views to your website.

Lets say you make a beautiful blog post or video and share it on your social media sites, which you should do, but that is the only place you share it.  The only people who will see that beautiful piece of content are your social followers.

So to get more traffic and more eyes on your conent get it  ranked in Google and YouTube so you get consistent traffic flowing to that piece of content.



The Best Tools For Small Business Owners To Stay Organized


5. Manage Your Social Media Accounts

You may have many social media accounts, but how do you manage them all?

Do you manually post 2, 3, 4 times a day on each and every account?

You may be doing this currently and that is okay, I used to do that too. But once I realized I could save time and did not have to manually post all my social media content, it could be automated. I started to have more time to do other things in my business and day.

So if you spend a lot  of time on social media and feel like you are not seeing the results for the hours of work you are putting in then use these two tools below.

  • Buffer Lets you schedule your posts ahead of  time this frees up more time for you to do more things on your to do lists. 
  • IFTTT will post on other social media sites for you. Say you post on your Facebook Fanpage you can have it set up that your post is                  shared on Tumblr and Twitter, for  example. 


6. Be More Organized & Productive 

Now I know life can get a little crazy sometimes and it can feel overwhelming. Staying organized is a  way to help you get tasks done, stay organized and lower that overwhelming feeling inside.

Before I used these small business management tools below to help organize my daily tasks and notes everything was a mess. Having a plan and everything written out made me feel more empowered and focused to get tasks done to check them off the list.


  • Toodledo Has several features like task manager to prioritize and write down daily and future tasks. The outline section can help you organize your thoughts. The notes section lets you write down your thoughts and a habits section to help accomplish personal goals. 
  • Evernote Lets you  easily organize all your notes and thoughts, plus it sinks throughout all your devices. If you found something interesting online, you can save it to your Evernote.
  • Google Calander  This helps you organize your day hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly. It can also sync to all your devices. 


7. Get Analytics On Your Posts

Above you got some ideas on creating content. Once you post do you wonder how many views your post got, how many clicks to the link in your description, how many visitors to your site. Some social media platforms have analytics built into their platform. This is very powerful and helpful to you.

Down below are three social media sites that have analytics built in.

Facebook: Go to your FB Fan Page and on the  top of the page click Insights.



Instagram: Login and go to the home page of your IG account.

Click the BAR Graph in the upper right hand corner, this will take you to insights.



YouTube: Go to your YT Channel home page and click Creator Studio, then analytics.



It is helpful to shorten really long links. Especially when there is text space restrictions, like twitter has. You can also mask your links if you don’t want someone to know what it is.

This is why a link shortner is helpful. Some shorteners provide analytics.


The Best Tools For Small Business Owners To Create Engaging Content


8. Listen to Audios and Read Books

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when running your own business. What I have found that helps calm my nerves and helps get my creative juices flowing is reading a book or listening to an audio book or podcasts. This is a great way to learn something new about your field and it can give you ideas for your business.

One of the best tools for small business owners is a book or audio  book. It helps to set aside 30-60 min daily to continue to learn and grow in your field. I personally like to listen to audio books while I am working out, driving, cleaning the house it is a great way for  me to be productive but still learn something at the same time.

  • Audible
  • Kindle



9. Build Your Community: Capture Leads & Email List

A easy way to build your community and stay in contact with them is have your own email list. This way you can send them weekly updates, information, promotions and whatever else you want to email your list.

  • Aweber Helps you contact your private list, create different lists. 
  • LeadPages Create capture pages, thank you pages, webinar pages and more. It is easy to customize and integrate with Aweber. 



10. Website and Blog

Having your own website and blog lets you show your audience what your business and brand can do for them.

You control the look, the content, the ads and much more.

This is your site and a way for  you to connect with your audience and no other distractions like ads from other people to take your visitors away.



Now that you know the best tools for small business owners lets just recap everything.

  • Create Content: Get ideas from the three sites I listed above.
  • Create Banners:Stand out, brand your business by designing your own banners for social media and website.
  • Edit Pictures: Tweak a photo, make it interesting for  your visitors to look at and want to see more.
  • Use SEO : Get ranked in search engines and more visitors to your posts.
  • Manage Social Media: Schedule posts saving you more time.
  • Task Managers: Stay on task and organized.
  • Website Analytics: Use free social media analytics to track your posts and visitors.
  • Listen to audio books or read books: Educate yourself and learn something new that helps you in your business and life.
  • Build Your Community: Capture Leads and get subscribers to your private email list; to send out trainings, promotions, blog posts, questions, etc.
  • Build A Free Website: Build your brand, own your content, own your site.


Lets hear it, What tools do you think will help you the most in your business?


Your Friend

Christina Spohr



Christina Spohr

I want you to have the time to do the things you want to do in life. I want to help you reach your goals by using trusted tools & resources, step by step training, and a supportive community. Ultimately, I want to help you grow a profitable business online.

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4 thoughts on “The 10 Best Tools For Small Business Owners”

  1. Impressive post! I have heard about SEO before, but I didn’t know that I can automate uploading posts on social media platforms. You have a great list of tools anyone can use to boost their business success. I have started an online business, too, although I don’t use Youtube and Instagram. I am basically planning to start Youtube when I will be able to quit my job creating videos. Instagram doesn’t fit in my niche very well, so I refrain from it for now. I will be implementing Buffer to my business. Sounds like an awesome tool! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, this is obviously an extremely valuable post for the younger folk who know their way around a computer. If only that were me I’d just immerse myself in all these suggestions and can only imagine how it would benefit my business.

    But alas, I’m an old plodder of 65 and doubt that I could get my head around all of these pearls of wisdom which you are giving away .

    There will be many folk out there who will be extremely grateful to you. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey Roy, Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
      I am just curious, How do you learn best? What would help you understand everything better? 

      Your Friend 

      Christina Spohr

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