7 Easy Blog Post Ideas For The Week

Wondering if easy blog post ideas are a possibility? Well, you will learn just how simple it is to create a blog post. Sure you can create long meaty blog posts, but we are focusing on quick, quality content you can write for your audience. Ultimately our goal is for you to have 7 easy blog post ideas you can use for the week and over and over again.

  easy blog post ideas

Maybe Easy Blog Post Ideas Do Exist?

In this post you will get 7 easy blog post ideas to use for any business you might be in.

First of all the purpose of this post is to help your creative juices start flowing so you can start creating some awesome content that your audience would love to read and comment on.

Most of all I wanted you to have easy blog post ideas simply because I didn’t when I started blogging.

Consequently, this caused writers’ to block and frustration.

Therefore blog posts kept getting pushed aside for a later time when I would have some ideas.

Hopefully, with these ideas, there is no later for you and you can start writing instantly.

You can take these easy blog post ideas and make some great pieces of content your audience will find valuable. So they keep coming back for more.

7 Easy Blog Post Ideas For Any Business

Down below are 7 easy blog post ideas for your business.

blog post ideas

1. Ask yourself? Do you have certain tools or programs that you use to improve work productivity?  If so make a list of all of them that your audience would like and find helpful.

Then you can write a quick blog post about each tool. Depending on how many tools or programs you use you could have quite a few blog posts.

2. Do you use any products or services that you can compare and contrast? Think of your audience. Maybe you have a health and fitness website you might want to compare and contrast fitness apps or certain fitness products.

You can also just write a blog post about each of your products or services explaining how they can benefit and help your reader.

3. Read anything good lately? Is it something inspiring? Will it help answer a question? Is it a nifty hack to make life easier? Write a blog post about it, especially if it is relevant for your audience.

4. Does your industry use certain jargon? You can create a glossary of terms your industry uses that people might be confused or have questions about.

5. Create a step by step guide or tutorial that your audience might not know how to do. Maybe you have a beauty blog and create a step by step tutorial on how to accomplish the smokey eye look.

6. Make a blog post about your life lessons, success, and failures. People can learn from your stories and some might relate to them.

Now you probably have lots of life lessons or successes or failures, now instead of writing them down into one blog post spread them out through several different posts.

7. Publish an interview. Do you know someone who inspires you or your audience? You can write a summary of the interview or you can write down all your questions and answers. There lots of options for you to structure your post.

A Few More Blog Post Ideas

Now that you know 7 easy blog post ideas let just give you a few more.

8. You can create a checklist or to-do list blog post. Can you think of a checklist or to-do list that would help your audience? As a bonus, you can offer your blog post as a PDF for your audience to download.  Let’s say you are a travel agent you might make a travel checklist.

9. Create a blog post sharing a quote. Then talk about what it means to you.

10. Think about someone who is about to start in your field, what are the top things they should know to get started?

11.  You can create an easy blog post by making a list, like the one you are reading right now. 🙂

12. Inside these blog posts, you can embed a video or podcast.  You might have a great video that compliments or goes along with the posts. Simply put a link in or embed it in there so your reader has more information to look at.

Like in these examples, I created a few Canva Tutorials, one video shows how you can create Social Media graphics using Canva, another shows you how to set up an Ebook, and the other I show how to create a pdf PDF. I simply created videos for each topic and just put them into my blog.

I could have made one blog post about how greate Canva is and put all this information in one post, but that might be a little overwhelming.

Plus what if someone just wants to learn about PDFS they would have to sit through all that other information just to get to what they wanted to learn.

So quick digestible content works great to keep your audience engaged and interested.

Go Create A Blog Post Now

Okay so now that you have some ideas and the wheels are churning. Pick one and just list out all the ideas you have.

Lastly, think of your audience (niche) what is a problem they have.

Let’s say you are a fitness coach. A fitness problem might me the motivation to exercise. So you can write a blog post about getting the motivation to exercises and tricks to start that could actually help your audience.

Or what if you’re a beauty consultant. Maybe a problem might be acne breakouts and you have certain products that can be a solution.

You’ll just want to find a problem(s) that they need a solution to.

Now you may need some tools under your belt to create a blog, along with some other tools to help you promote and save you time, check out this blog post that gives you 20 tools for your business.

In conclusion, you know twelve easy blog post ideas; I want to hear your thoughts.

  1. What is your favorite blog post idea and why?
  2. Are you blogging right now? If not … what is keeping you from blogging?


Your Friend,

Christina Spohr

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