7 Easy Blog Post Ideas For The Week

Maybe Easy Blog Post Ideas Exist


In this post you will get 7 easy blog post ideas to use for any business you might be in.

First of  all the purpose of this post is to help your creative juices start flowing so you can start creating some awesome content that your audience will love to read and comment on.

Most of  all I wanted you to have easy blog post ideas simply because I did’t when I started blogging.

easy blog post ideas - christina spohr

Consequently this caused  writers block and frustration.

Therefore it was just pushed aside for later.

Although there is no later for you.

You can take these easy blog post ideas and make eleven great pieces of  content your audience will find valuable. So they keep coming back for more. 🙂



7 Easy Blog Post Ideas For Any Business

easy blog post ideas - christina spohr


Down below are 7 easy blog post ideas for your business.

1. Ask yourself? Do you have certain tools and applications that you use to improve work productivity?  If so make a list of all of them that your audience would like and find helpful.

2. Do you use any products or services that you can compare and contrast? Think of your audience. Maybe you have a health and fitness website you might want to compare and contrast fitness apps or certain fitness products.

3. Read anything good latley? Is it something inspiring? Will it help answer a question? Is it a nifty hack to make life easier? Write a blog post about especially  if it is relevant to your audience.

4. You can make a glossary of terms for your industry that people might be confused about.

5. Create a guide or tutorial that your audience might not know how to do. Maybe you have a beauty blog and can make a tutorial on smokey eyes.

6. Make a blog post about your life lessons, success and failures. Seems like  people can learn from your stories and some might relate to them.

7. Publish an interview. Do you know someone who inspires your audience? In addition you can embed a video or podcast into your blog post.


A Few More Easy Blog Post Ideas

Now that you know 7 easy blog post ideas lets just give you a few more.

8. Is there a check list or to-do list you can create that would help your audience? As a bonus you can offer  your blog post as a PDF download.  Maybe you are a travel agent you might make a travel checklist.

9. Create a blog post sharing a quote in addition what it  means to you.

10. Think about someone who is about to start in your field, what are the top things they should know to get started?

11.  You can create an easy blog post by making a list, like the one you are reading right now. 🙂


After you pick one topic from the easy blog post ideas list, write a informative piece of content while your audience is in mind. In addition add pictures or videos to your post to make it more engaging.


Lastly think of  your audience (niche) what is a problem they

easy blog post ideas - christina spohr

have. You might be able to think of a few.

A fitness problem might me motivation to exercise.

Maybe in the beauty niche a problem might be acne break outs with certain products.

In marketing a problem might be traffic.

So as you can see for every niche their is a problem(s) that  they need a solution to.

As a result you are right their to make a blog post to help them.

Write About Problem + Provide Solution = Share on Social Media


Now go create a blog post! 🙂


In conclusion you know eleven easy blog post ideas; I want to hear your thoughts.

  1. What is your favorite blog post idea and why?
  2. Are you blogging right now? If not … what is keeping your from blogging?


Your Friend,
Christina Spohr


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