My Story

Hi Friend!

My name is Christina Spohr. I have been with my boyfriend, Rod Singleton, for 8 years.   😀

He is my best friend and business, partner.

We got our beautiful fur baby, Mia, 5 years ago. She goes just about everywhere with us and loves to travel.


And don’t even tempt us with good food.   😆


I do know how frustrating it is when you do put all those hours into selling and networking with people,

But yet still see little or no results.

You see, I was doing the same things BEFORE I got the training I needed,

That showed me how to get traffic, leads, and sales to my business.


This is why I filled this blog with information you can implement in your business today.

I share with you tips, tricks, tools, and strategies that are working for me in my business.

My hope is that you use this information and see the results you want to see in your business.


Feel Free to contact me 🙂

Come say hi, let me know what your goals are in business and your struggles so I can point you to the right training.


Your Friend,

Christina Spohr