Facebook Page Promotion Tricks You Didn’t Know

Simple Facebook Page Promotion Tricks

9 Facebook page promotion tricks you might have not known.

Are you on Facebook, like all the time, and see little engagement for all the hours you put in.  No worries, I’ve done this too, and to be honest most people feel the same way. Hence Facebook can be a vortex of distraction. This is why we will talk about how to promote a business on Facebook for free in the following tips. So keep scrolling to learn how to promote Facebook page for business purposes.  

We will certainly talk about some simple Facebook page promotion tricks but first, you want to think about your audience.

  • Who are you making your posts for?
  • Who are they… whats their gender, how old are they, where do they live?…etc
  • What do they need help with?
  • What is your overall goal for creating a Fan Page?

If you think about it you’re not just building an audience for your business.  If you just post things you like or you think are great and don’t think about your visitors then your page probably won’t get much engagement. This is a result of thinking about yourself.

So keep in mind you don’t want to over complicate things, hence these Facebook page tips and tricks. Now because you answer the questions above this will already help you when it comes to coming up with posts or pictures for your Fan Page.  Now I will say all these tips are free, except for the promote button one. Facebook page promotion cost depends on different factors and how you target your audience but we will discuss this later on.


9 Facebook Page Promotion Tricks

So let’s dive into these Facebook page promotion tricks you’ve been dying to know!


1 Add People From Your Friends List

So one of the first Facebook business page tips I would recommend would be to invite your friends.

Once you create a Fan Page you can do this simply by clicking on your profile and on the right-hand side you will see Invite friends.

the first of nine facebook page promotion tricks

2 Create Fan Page Stories

Do you use Instagram stories or your Facebook personal profile story feature?  Well if you haven’t messed around with this feature, give it a try. It’s a great way to connect with your audience on a regular basis.

Facebook gives you the option to create stories just from your Fan Page which is super exciting! This is a great way to connect with your audience daily.  The best part about Facebook Marketing is all the features they give you, like the story feature.

Keep in mind you create these stories from your phone.

create a story is the second of many facebook page promotion tips

3 Link to your Instagram

So three and four are one of my favorite Facebook page promotion tips because it is simple and it helps build up your other social media profiles.  So with a Fan Page, you can easily link your Instagram account.

discover how to promote facebook page using instagram

4 Link to your Twitter

Now this one I actually just discovered last week, I had no idea you could do this.

You can link your twitter account to your Fan Page.

how to promote your business on Facebook using twitter


5 Add A Plugin

So this is helpful if you have a website. You can actually add a plugin on your website that lets people like your Fan Page.

how to promote a facebook page on your website

6 CTA Button

The Fan Page call to action button lets you promote your business in different ways. You can send people to a group, schedule an appointment, add an external link and there are more options.

facebook marketing call to action tip use facebook marketing tricks like the call to action options

7 Make Your Banner Say Something

So of all the Facebook page promotion tricks, you might think this is obvious but I’ve seen a lot of business owners throw up a simple quote or selling their products and services right off the bat. I used to be on of them lol 🙂 

But I’ve learned the first thing people see when they land on your Fan Page is the banner and your profile photo. So you want to have a nice, clear, appealing profile photo. And you want to create a banner that lets your visitors know about your page and give them a reason to like it. You can create your banner in Canva.

Below you can see I’ve put up my new groups banner, I want people to join the private group so they get more exclusive training and updates. This is a place where I will communicate personally with people looking for help their business grow online. So that is an example, this is the purpose of my banner.

What is the purpose of your banner?

What do you want your visitors to know and do?

another one of the facebook page promotion tricks is add a banner

8 The Promote Button

Like I said earlier Facebook page promotion cost can vary depending on what you pick. This is a great way to reach more of a targeted audience if you set up and target the right people. You can promote your page to get more likes and clicks.

facebook page promotion cost likes and clicks


You can also just promote a post that you shared. I didn’t promote this post below, but you will see at the bottom of our posts there is a ‘boost post’ option.

facebook page promotion cost for a post

9 Engage In Your FP Persona

The last but maybe one of the most important of the Facebook page promotion tips is to engage with others in your Fan Page persona. What I mean by this is like and comment on other Fan Pages as your business page instead of your personal profile.

the last of the facebook page promotion tricks is engage in your persona

So these are just some of the Facebook Marketing tricks you can use for your business. Now that you learned Facebook page promotion tips lets talk about more options below.


Other Social Media Promotion Tips & Tricks

Knowing Facebook posting tips and tricks can help you catch peoples attention scrolling through and get them to engage with your post.

If you want to learn more Facebook page promotion tricks you can watch this video how to promote your business on Facebook.  Now if you promote on Instagram or promote on Youtube you can also promote your business but this will be for another blog posts.


Let’s summarize all that you learned about how to promote on a Facebook page.

  1. Add People From Your Friends List
  2.  Create Fan Page Stories
  3.  Link to your Instagram
  4.  Link to your twitter
  5.  Add A Plugin
  6. CTA Button
  7.  Make Your Banner Say Something
  8.  The Promote Button
  9.  Engage In Your FP Persona


Overall Facebook is a great social media platform to promote your business their are tons of options for you.


I would love to hear your thoughts… Which of these Facebook page promotion tricks do you think will help you best promote your business?


Bye For Now,

Christina Spohr

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