Facebook Set Up Tutorial (6 Simple Steps)

Facebook Set Up Tutorial: Questions Answered

In this blog post, all your questions will be answered, this is a simple Facebook Set Up Tutorial to help you get your Fan Page up and running.

I want you to have a fun, cool, unique page that represents you and your brand.

When people land on your page we want them to immediately know how this page is going to help them, benefit them or entertain them.

Or whatever your goal is for creating this page?

If you plan on using this account for business then this Facebook set up tutorial will show you how to do just that.

6 Simple Steps To Set Up You Fan Page

You will learn 6 simple steps in this Facebook set up tutorial to make your Fan Page more appealing to your audience.

1. Know Why

You need to understand why a Facebook Fan Page is important for your business. There are several reasons why two of the reasons why it helps you reach a broader audience and lets you check your analytics.

2. Set Up Your Fan Page

Now you should create a Fan Page. If you have already created one go to step two.  If you are not sure how to create a Fan Page watch this video showing you step by step how to do that.

3. Fill Out Your Information

You need to fill out your basic information, like a unique cover photo, or the about section, stuff like that.  This helps your visitors know exactly what your page is about and how you are going to help them.

This helps your visitors know exactly what your page is about and how you are going to help them.

4. Customize Your Tabs (If Allowed)

Then you might want to add more tabs other than the home, about and posts tab. You can add tabs like your website or other social media accounts.

5. Posting Content Consistently

Then start posting content on your wall relevant to your page and what you promised your visitors.

If you want to save time, you can schedule your posts ahead of time, this is just one of the benefits from using a Fan Page for business.

6. Engagement Is Key

Once you start posting make sure you engage with people that like your content.

You can invite friends from your personal profile that might be interested in your Fan Page.


Now that you learned 6 steps in this Facebook Setup Tutorial make sure you take action in your business

and set up your own Fan Page if you have not done this already.

Or go edit and revamp your current page.

If you learned something from this Facebook Set Up Tutorial let me know in the comments below.

Your Friend

Christina Spohr

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