How To Be Consistent In Business (Productivity Tips)

How To Be Consistent In Business

Wondering how to be consistent in business?

Well in this post you’ll learn some quick productivity tips you can use daily to stay more focused and get more done in your business.

  • When you wake up in the morning what do you do?
  • Do you have a plan for your business?
  • Are you consistent with your plan?

Those are just a few questions you can ask yourself if you’re not really seeing the results you’ve been waiting to see in your business.

You see these tools I’m going to give you below can help you become more organized and save you more time but it really comes down to you.

You have to be willing to stay focused so you can get your tasks done.

3 Ways To Be More Productive

1. Planning Ahead

Do you have a planner or an organizer where you can organize your day to day activities as well as your notes?

For example, I have a planner where I like to plan out a few months ahead as well as track my daily schedule. This is a written calendar.

I use Evernote to compile all my notes and ideas.

Below are a few other tools you can use to stay organized. I’ve used them and like them, but I don’t use them as much anymore.

You just have to figure out which tools work best for you.

The most important thing that you do is that you actually create a list of daily tasks to complete. This will help you be more consistent.



2. Batch Your Content

It helps to actually chunk your tasks. This way when your working on similar tasks you just get them all done at once.

For example. If you are writing blog posts. Instead of writing just one. Have a list of blog posts ready to write, with some ideas so you can just write for a few hours creating multiple posts.

So before I write my blog posts I have a list of topics and ideas I want to talk about.

Then I will do some research on the topics and take some notes.

I like to do research on all my topics but some just require a little more research than others.

Keep in mind I set aside let’s say 30 minutes to compile a list of ideas and then another 30 minutes to do all my research and note-taking.

After that, I will set aside an hour and pick one of the topics to create a quick outline and just write.

I won’t worry about editing until the very end.

I’ll just let all my thought flow for that topic.

Then I’ll go through it again make some edits and rearrange the text if I need too. I’ll add images as well. Then when the hour is up I’ve finished a post.

Then I’ll set a timer and pick another topic. This way I’m just continually creating content and my mind is in the flow of just writing.

To batch my content I do like to use the tools above like Evernote or Trello to write my notes or outlines in them.

3. Schedule Your Content

If you didn’t know you can schedule your social media posts.

It’s also possible to schedule your blog posts. If you’re new to blogging check out how to start a blog.

Basically scheduling your content will save you time so you can be doing things in your business that brings in results.

Posting on social media is important but you don’t want to be spending hours on social media and not getting any results.

That’s not really productive or worth your time.

Like I said you can schedule your posts on Facebook.

or you can use a tool like Buffer to schedule your posts.

Here is a list of 20 business tools that can help small business owners as well.

Additional Ways To Stay Consistent

how to be consistent in business

If you’re looking for more ways to be productive you can check out my WA blog along with other posts to find more productivity tricks and hacks.

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