How To Create A Facebook Cover Photo For Free

Discover How To Create A Facebook Cover Photo

Are you wondering how to create a Facebook cover photo?  Well in the vlog post you’ll discover 2 platforms you can use to create your banners.

So first of why do you want to create your banners?

Sure you could go download banners already done for you. But the thing is it’s not necessarily right for your audience, plus it does have your message on it, or your logo or a call to action.

This why creating your own banner si so powerful it’s something that can make you stand out to your visitors and to your audience.

How To Create A Facebook Cover Photo

In the video below you will learn 2 free platforms to create your banners.


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2 Places To Create A Facebook Banner

1. Bannersnack I use this occasionally for my banners. This a good platform.

2. Canva Another platform that I use for pretty much all my banners and social media graphics. Its free, easy to use and it has done for your templates.

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