Learning How To Generate  Traffic To Your Business Is Important


In this post you will learn how to generate traffic to your business using social media, online tools, videos and blogging.

If you are reading this right now I know you want to expand your business and get more views, eyeballs, to your business.

You realize that having more visitors coming to your business, looking at your “stuff” means more potential customers.

So I want to help you do just that!

Down below you will learn 17 ways how to generate traffic to your business online.

How To Generate Traffic To Your Business Using Social Media


Create A Facebook Fan Page

Having your own Fan Page allows you to promote your business and brand to a broader audience than your personal Facebook profile. Plus this site provides you with analytics on post engagement and your audience, like gender and age.


Schedule Out Your Posts

By planning ahead and scheduling your social media posts you will be more consistent on your sites. This will in turn bring more engagement to your sites. You can use tools like Buffer or simply use your Facebook Fan Page to schedule your posts.


Create Facebook Groups

You can always create specific niche groups on Facebook.

By that I mean create groups of people with similar interests.

how to generate traffic to your business


Use Hashtags 

Instagram is a great platform to get posts seen by using #hashtags. The key is to use hashtags related to your picture or video. It also helps to use hashtags related to your niche so people can find you.

Twitter is another platform that uses hashtags to help people find your posts. Although you are limited on the words you post. So it helps to have a link shortener, to shorten really long links you want people to click on.


Engage With Your Audience

Creating social media accounts and posting content is key to having people come to your site.

To help pick up your engagement it helps to engage with the people on those accounts.

By that I mean like, comment and share other people’s posts. It is called SOCIAL media  for a reason.


Share Your Content

Once you start posting on your social media accounts share your other content on your other accounts. For example share your Soundcloud audio on Facebook.  Share your Pinterest boards. Share your tumblr blog post. Share your SlideShare post.

When posting on Instagram it gives you the choice to post on Facebook,  Tumblr or Twitter.

how to generate traffic to your business


How To Generate Traffic To Your Business Using Tools


Generate Leads

Use a capture page to get people’s information like name and email.  This is how you build your email list.


Email List 

Once you start collecting people’s names and emails you might want to set up an email autoresponder. This way you can schedule out your emails to your list.



If you want to reach a broader audience and don’t mind spending a some money you can always promote an already existing post on Instagram or Facebook.

You can also create an ad on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to promote a free offer, webinar, a blog post or a video.

How To Generate Traffic To Your Business Using Videos and Blogging

Find Keywords

When posting a video or blog post it helps to use keywords to get your content ranked.

It especially helps to use long tail keywords specific to your niche. These most likely will have low competition and are easily ranked in google.


Catchy Headline

It helps to create catchy headlines to draw people into clicking on your video or blog post. If you need some ideas it helps use free title generators to get inspiration.


Make An Audio

Record and create your own audio uploads by using Screencast-O-Matic and upload them to Soundcloud.


Have A Clear Direction

At the end of your video and blog post it helps to have a call to action.

Clearly telling your visitor what to do next, Telling them to like your video, Subscribe to your channel, or Clicking a link.


Put A Link In It

In your YouTube video description put a link to your website, capture page or a Facebook group.

Throughout your blog post you can put links to your other blog posts to keep people learning and on your site.


Create A Vlog Post

When publishing a video or blog post you want to ask yourself,

Is this Interesting and Engaging to my Audience?, Is it Helpful?, Will they learn something?.

Remember if your audience doesn’t get what they need from your video or blog post they will go find it from someone else.

And for those of you who don’t know, when you create a video you can embed it into your blog post, creating a Vlog post.

Once you have created a vlog post it helps to submit it to StumbleUpon  or Reddit.




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