How To Market A Business On Instagram (5 Simple Tips)

How To Market A Business On Instagram

Discover how to market a business on Instagram with these 5 tips.  

If you have a business you might be wondering how to use Instagram for marketing purposes? Well, the good news is you’ve got options, hence these 5 tips below. Of course, there are more options then just these, this will just get your feet wet, in my new private group we dive into more training with examples.


So what if this is your first Instagram post for business? You’ll want to make sure you have switched to a business account so you can start checking your analytics. Knowing your analytics lets you know things like how your posts are performing, who is your following, the best times to post and a bunch of other great statistics you can find out.


These Instagram for small business tips are simple enough for you to start implementing today.


5 Tips On How to Market A Business On Instagram

Now let’s talk about what you really have been wanting to know, how to market a business on Instagram.


1 Creating Quality Images and Videos

As you know Instagram is a visual-based site this may seem kind of obvious. Although sometimes we may be quick to upload content because we are excited to share it. But think about it if you take 5 to 10 minutes to edit your photos they will be even more appealing to someone scrolling through the Instagram feed. A place I like to edit my photo is on Instagram. They an easy to use and more importantly effective editing tools.  

instagram business tools contrast

If you want to use something other then Instagram, Pixlr or Facetune are apps you can download on your phone.

Now if you’re wondering what some Instagram for business best practices are this is one of them.  And if you’re like I don’t have a quality camera that’s okay, you have a phone, right?

You can just take that and take pictures and videos, I take my pictures and videos on my phone right now.


2. Customize Your Content For Instagram

So what do I mean by customize? I mean make sure you check the photo dimensions for one.  And think about making the content unique to your audience.

Let’s say for example you are in a fitness company. You might show fitness pictures and videos. But you wouldn’t start doing a makeup tutorial.

You can always do both if Fitness and Beauty are your passions but put them on different Instagram accounts.

Now if you’re like well I’m not really sure what to post and you want help thinking of custom content for your small business you can register your account and go through the fast-start training to work with me personally.

And if you’re looking for an app to resize photos and videos try using  Inshot. This app has great emojis too. 🙂


3. Make It Personal Share Your Experience

So as a small business owner you will want to connect with your audience. You’ll want to humanize yourself. Here’s what I want you to think about., where did you start?

Did you start at the same point you are today?

No, I don’t think so because you will always be growing as a person and becoming better and better every day if you work towards your desired goals.

So think about being more transparent about your struggles and failures and how you have overcome them or what you’re doing to overcome them.

People want a reason to root for you, so be authentic so they can relate.

Now if you’re just starting out don’t worry remember we all started from scratch. No matter how successful someone is. So just start posting and engaging with your target audience, people will follow and buy from you.


4. Direct People To Your Link

Now if you’re wondering how to promote your business on Instagram and other social sites use these tips under here. This is especially helpful since you can’t share clickable links in the comment section of a post.

So first you’ll want to let people know to click on your bio link.

What can you promote in your bio link

  • A product or service

  • Another social media account

  • Your website

  • A blog post

  • A video

but which to choose.. since you can only use one link?

Well,  I have used Linktree, this site lets you put multiple links on one page.


Or you can create your own link tree on your website. If you’re not sure how to do this I do show people how to do this if you’ve opted in to work with me personally.

how to market a business on instagram with your own bio links

You can also connect your Instagram to your Fan Page on Facebook. I put my link in my contact information. I also sometimes share my post from Instagram directly to my Fan Page when I’m uploading a new post.

how to market your business on instagram using facebook

5. Use Hashtags

So how to market a business on Instagram using hashtags.

Have you seen those posts with tons of hashtags.. Although the limit is 30.

I’m curious, what are your thoughts, do you like how it looks when you scroll through the newsfeed and see tons of hashtags in the caption?

How many hashtags do you think is too much?


You might know this but people can find your posts through hashtags by using the search bar. You see when people go looking for certain topics on Instagram your post could pop up.

Of course, you want to focus on a specific group of hashtags related to your post.

Now when using hashtags you want to make sure it is a hashtag people use. If you use a hashtag at it has no results, like in the picture below, then no one will find that post because no one is using that hashtag. 

how to market a business on instagram with no results
Let’s say you use a hashtag that gets a few hundred results, like in the picture below, that is very focused. This can be good because not many pictures will be posted so if someone searches that tag they will probably find your picture but it doesn’t get searched often. So you just have to think about those two things. 


how to market your business on instagram with few posts


So let’s look at one that has thousands of posts, that means lots of people are using this hashtag. Now I will say the competition is high so if it does not start trending it will just get pushed to the bottom. Don’t worry there are lots of people posting content every second. it can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re like how often should I to market your business on instagram with lots of views

To be honest I used to try and post 3 – 5 times a day 7 days a week, to say the least, I ran out of content fast, it wasn’t original and it felt rushed. I also got burnt out pretty fast.  So I realized it’s not necessarily how much you post a day but how consistent you are and the quality of the post.

I will say the story feature is a great place to post daily and keep your audience up to date.


So those are just 5 Instagram for business best practices but you can always watch the video and learn 8 ways to market your business on Instagram.


Did You Learn Some Good Instagram Tips

So hopefully by now,  you’ve learned how to market a business on Instagram. If not make sure you re-read this or watch the video that shows you how to promote Instagram posts and gives you some  Instagram business tools you can start using today.


Now that your question was answered…how to market my business on Instagram. Let me just give you a few more ways to promote your business. You can always use these 8 tips to promote on Facebook and 8 ways to promote on YouTube. Or if you just want some general social media promotion tips you can watch that video.


In conclusion, you have 5 ways to market your business on Instagram and knowing how to promote a business on Instagram gives you a leg up from your competitors because they didn’t read this post and know what you know now.


Let’s just go over everything you learned on how to market a business on Instagram.

  1. Creating Quality Images and Videos
  2. Customize Your Content
  3. Make It Personal
  4. Direct People To Your Link
  5. Use Hashtags


Bye For Now,

Christina Spohr

P.S. If you found this information useful make sure to join the new group, Ambitious Boss Squad. I created this so you never miss any trainings and updates. I’ll dive deeper into certain topics and you can ask me questions inside the group.


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