How To Start Using Social Media For Business and Brand Awareness

You will discover how to start using social media for business purposes, but first I want to ask you something.

How do you market your business right now?

Is it offline or online?

Have you already created some social media sites?

Not sure about you but I didn’t realize how businesses use social media for marketing and  brand awareness. Before I started marketing online I marketed offline. Posting flyers, sticky notes and talking to friends and family asking them to buy into my opportunity.

The long hours put into the business were not resulting in the income I wanted. Then I saw people on social media others sharing their opportunity saying they were making tons of money and sales online. So I too thought spamming my opportunity and messaging people right off the bat; pitching them my opportunity was a good  idea. But it lead to lots of rejection.

Come to find out it was because of one main reason. I was focusing on myself and what I wanted, not what the person I was talking to wanted. Not thinking if the product or service will help this person, just thinking about making the sale. And this is where I went wrong. I was spamming and selling to everyone, but not everyone wants to buy what you are selling. Plus people don’t want to be sold 24/7.

But if you take the time to educate yourself, you can learn how to use social media for small business marketing more effectively. In this post you will learn how to do just that. Keep in mind each platform has its own unique set of followers, friends, circles, likes, depending on what platform you are on followers are called different names. For example Facebook lets you set up specific groups with certain interests, people with those similar interests join the group.

One thing to keep in mind is you don’t want to pitch your product or service right off the bat. You want to provide content that your audience is interested in but we will talk more about this later.

So what I am basically trying to say is that social media is where everyone is at, you can reach more people on social media then you ever would offline hosting home parties and posting flyers.

I am not saying that those marketing ideas are bad, they are just limiting. Branching out and reaching a broader audience allows you to sell your product or service to more people.

“2.80 billion global social media users in 2017, equaling 37% penetration” (Source- WeAreSocial)

“Social media use overall grew a staggering 47% in the past 12 months, with mobile social media up 44%.”(Source-WeAreSocial)



Discover How To Start Using Social Media For Business

Lets talk about how to start using social media for business. First things first, you will have to create your social media accounts. There are tons of social media sites you can use to promote your business and brand but in order to choose which ones to use you need to know where your audience and potential customers are on. Later we will talk more about which social media sites to pick. Lets talk about how to start using social media for business.

Like I said earlier, first think first is you will need to create your account.

Depending on which social media sites you use you will fill out information such as your Name, Birthday, Username, Password, Email, and more information depending on the site.

For each social media site you will want to complete your profile information including biography and short description about what you can do for them, explain what your business is and maybe a little about yourself. Also add links sending visitors to your website or other social media accounts.

It also is a good idea to upload a profile picture of yourself or family member, something your brand represents and your audience can relate too.

Then create a banner for your business that helps build your brand name. In this post you will get marketing tools to help create banners and among other marketing tools.

Now that you have created your social media accounts you might want to start posting content on your profiles so you have some engaging and interesting content for your audience to see, read, like or comment on. Your account will give them a glimpse into your business, your life, and how you can help them.

Now instead of spending tons of time on social media, take the time to plan out your posts and schedule them. You can use tool like Buffer that posts to various social media accounts for you.

You can also schedule out your posts on your Facebook Fan Page.

Once you have visitors coming to your social media accounts you want them to click on your link in your profile description and have them go to your own personal page like a website.

Facebook Fan Page has a special feature, that allows you to post your website, contact info, shopping cart and more directly to your banner with a button. This lets your audience find out more about your business.



You Can Decide How To Start Using Social Media For Business


Now that you know how to start using social media for business lets talk about what social media sites to use.



Above you learned the best way how to use social media effectively for your business and I told you we would talk about which social media sites to use. I know there are tons of choices.

It is a good idea to pick 2-3 social media sites to focus on. This is where you will truly post, engage and build an audience.

So down below are 5 social media sites from Alexa telling  you the rank of the site. If you don’t already know maybe this will help you decide which ones to use.


Of the 5 I am going to expand a little more  telling you some special features on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that will benefit your business.



Facebook provides you with a profile page. Then from that page you can create a Fan Page. This allows you to reach a broader audience. Since your profile page only lets you have 5000 friends.

You can also get Analytic on your Fan Page by clicking the Insights tab.

You can also create groups of people with similar interests.

A way to promote your business and brand and reach a bigger audience is by creating targeted ads towards a specific audience on your Facebook.

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This is  a visual based platform, meaning you post pictures or videos. Although Instagram does allow you to write a nice long post for your content.

When you create your Instagram account you can go into your settings and switch to a Business Page Profile. This platform is separate from your other account. It has special features like a contact button and analytics.

Like with Facebook you can also post ads on Instagram.

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Is a powerful platform, as you saw it is ranked second. If you think about it people post videos all the time, on all social media platforms. Videos are interesting and easy to digest. Sometimes people don’t want to read a post, they want to watch a video.

Plus you can create Multiple Channels. This lets you create niche specific channels for a specific audience.

As with the other two sites YouTube offers analytics for your videos.

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Now that you have learned how to start using social media for business I want to hear form you.


What is your favorite social media platform and why?



Your Friend

Chrisitna Spohr


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8 thoughts on “Find Out How To Start Using Social Media For Business”

  1. Fantastic timing on this post. I have recently started an online business, but I have no idea how to get my name out there on social media. I am a bit of a cave person when it comes to social media. I understand it can be very powerful, so I need to get out of the dark ages and learn how to use it. I really like your Instagram description. We sell chandeliers online and I think Instagram would be the perfect media outlet for us. I didn’t realize that Instagram can provide analytics, that is fantastic. Do you have any experience with Pinterest? Anyway, thank you for sharing, this is super timely and very helpful.

    1. I am so glad that this helped you with your Chandeliers business! Yes I do believe Instagram will be perfect for your business. 🙂 I am dabbling with Pinterest a bit as soon as I know more I will write a post about it. I have created several boards that are topic related. I know that this platform does provide analytics as well. Canva is where I like to create Pinterest posts they have templates for you to use. Hope this helps a bit.

  2. You are so right Christina,

    I have also fallen in that trap of pushing money making systems on folks to get them to pay so that I can receive a commission off of their investments.

    Almost everyone will turn you down, and those who don’t do that will keep you hanging till you read between the lines that they are not. ready to buy into it.

    Happy I got out of the system and made a sustainable income.

  3. Hi Christina,

    You have some great info on you website. I found several typos and incorrect grammar on this landing page that need to be corrected. For instance in the Discover How To Start Using Social Media For Business section you say “First thing is first” twice. It should be “First things first”.
    I believe it would be good for a reader to see the beginning of an article or at least a clickable article in the first screenful of the page. I could only see the Categories links and had to scroll down a bit to get to readable content.
    I might be of a slightly older generation but I do use Facebook. It would be great somewhere in the early section of the page to outline all the social media outlets and how they are used. I don’t really know what’s being used these days and I am sure others would find that very useful too (especially us older folks :O ).
    The graphics are good. It would be nice under the “save time managing your social media” if you had clickable larger images. I can’t read the smaller images so I am not sure what I might be missing.
    Layout is clean with easy to navigate menus. Good information in articles.
    Please let me know if I can be of further service.

  4. Christina,

    I’m very impressed with this article. As someone with an MBA in business and who has specialized in marketing, I’d like to applaud you.

    The social media marketing game has become ever-changing, as each engagement strategy has to be redeveloped.

    I am interested, however, in picking your brain about something. Where do you see the future of social marketing going?

    1. Hey thanks! I appreciate the feedback!

      Good question! I do believe videos are are popular. So there will be more video based platforms popping up or current social media sites adding video features. Like Live videos. 

      Also people use mobile devices more and more. So maybe  the future will be geared towards apps, mobile friendly sites and tools.  

      What do you think?

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