How To Write A Blog Post Fast (5 Steps)

Wondering how to write a blog post fast? In this vlog post, we’ll break it down into 7 steps for you to follow so you can easily write your content more efficiently. You’ll also get some tools to help you write your blog posts.

How To Write A Blog Post Fast

If you are reading this post you are wondering how to write a blog post fast.

In this vlog post, you’ll learn just how to do this with 7 simple steps.

So you might be writing blog posts and they are taking you a few hours or days to write.

This can definitely be frustrating spending so much time on one piece of content.

You might be deciding what to write about,

then what pictures to put in it,

then going through and rereading and proofing it.

And deleting and cutting out huge chunks of paragraphs,

moving sentences around.

Blah blah blah.

Basically writing a blog post can be discouraging, because of how time-consuming it is.

But it does not have to be that way.

When I first started blogging I was frustrated, one of my frustrations came from how time-consuming it was.

how to write a blog post fast

I would spend one day on a whole post and not even fully confident and happy with what I wrote.

And because I  was not posting consistently and my blogging took so much of my time.

I barely had time for my clients and my social media accounts were neglected.

So I was not getting consistent traffic through blogging and no one was seeing my posts on social media because I was not being consistently sharing and promoting the posts I wrote.

So once I started following these steps it became a whole lot easier, and hopefully, it will for you as well.

Before You Start Writing

You will learn how to post a blog fast using these 7 steps.

So first decide if you want to write 1 post a week, 2, 3, 4, you get the gist.

Once you decide how many you want to post a week times that by 4.

Now you have your number of posts you want to make this month.

Write that number down. That is one of your goals for your month.

So before you even start writing sit down for one hour and write down your topics and ideas you want to talk about this month.

This way you plan out your content list ahead of time and when it comes to writing it you just have to pick from the list.

If you don’t know what to write about, think about your target market.

What are their problems?

What can you write about to solve their problems?

If you’re not sure what a target market is this is your audience. The group of people who would be ideal customers for you.

So once you’ve thought about your audience and what kind of posts could benefit them or they would like reading its time to move on to the steps below.

5 Steps To Write Blog Post Quickly

Watch the video below to discover these 5 steps.

Step By Step To Writing A Blog Post Fast

1 Picking A Topic

Pick one topic you want to write about from the list. This is key because if you pick one topic or idea from the list you created above this gives you a focus point.

One topic makes it very specific for you to write about. If you have multiple topics or ideas your post can be scattered and all over the place.

For instance, there are lots of posts I can write about blogging but I specifically focused on giving you steps to write a blog post faster.

I’m not viewing off on topic ideas, or how to create a blog. We are staying on track to make sure you know how to write a blog post faster.

2 Create Headlines

Think of a few different headlines for your blog post topic. I like to come up with 5-10 different headlines.  I do this because I can use these headlines as social media posts so it switches up the title a bit but it’s still going to the same post.

You can use title generators to come up with headlines ideas or examples.

To help generate titles here are two that you can use Tweak Your Biz (title generator) and Awesome Titles.

3 Write An Outline

Now make a list of what you want to talk about, basically, make an outline.

 This just helps you get your thoughts in order.

This shouldn’t take long like 10 minutes.  It does not have to be perfect.  Just an outline for you to follow so you stay on topic.

When I write my outlines I like no distractions so I turn off and exit out of all distracting screens. I like to use Evernote.

4 Let The Words Flow

Write your blog post and follow your outline.

While you’re writing act like someone is sitting across from you and you are explaining to them everything in person.

This helps me so I don’t sound like a robot.  I want you to feel like I am talking directly to you.

Now when you’re writing just let the words flow, don’t stop to edit or tweak. Just type. This lets all your thoughts and more ideas will keep coming as you type.

5 Add Images Or Videos

Make a video or add pictures that are relevant to what you are talking about.

Think about thinks that will be interesting for your readers.

You can use royalty-free photos.  Be careful not to just take any picture of the web or other people’s photos you didn’t take. Because you are sharing these pictures on your blog and it’s your property and you could make money on your blog this is copyright issues if you don’t use your photos or royalty-free photos.  You don’t want to take other people’s pictures.

Some of the sites to use to find royalty-free pictures are Creative CommonsFree Digital Photo and Photo Gen.

To record and edit videos you can use Screen Cast O Matic.

6 Edit

After you finish writing go through and do all your edits.

This shouldn’t take you to long. Everything is written, pictures or videos are uploaded. So you just need to proofread and make edits.

7 Add Featured Image

A featured image is used when people share your blog post or on your blog. It’s the main blog image.

There are tools you can use to create your image, like Canva.

When You’re Finished

Keep in mind while you are reviewing your post ask yourself,

“Did I stay on point?

Did I veer off-topic?

Will my audience learn something?

Or Is it inspiring?”

Let’s say we are in a beauty company, and we want to make a post about how the products can help acne-prone skin.

Halfway through the post, you start talking about how to apply the foundation and make it look smooth on the skin.

That is veering off track a bit. We would want to create a whole other blog post on applying the foundation.

So if you do think of a new topic while writing our blog post, just write it down in your list of ideas so that way you can come back to it later.


Okay so now that you learned how to write a blog post for free let’s recap everything you learned.

You learned how to write a blog post fast using the 7 steps.

I also gave you tons of tools to help you speed up the process.

If you want some blog writing examples just click on my other posts and check them out.

Now that you know “how to write a blog post quickly” what are you going to do?

Hold on to this information, and file it away for later

Which we both know later means I will forget about it.

Or take action and go write a blog post now and start seeing all the traffic flow into your website?


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Talk To You Soon,

Christina Spohr

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