How To Write A Blog Post On WordPress (Best Blogging Platform)

Ways To Write A Blog Post

Wondering how to write a blog post on WordPress? Well in this vlog post you’ll learn just how to do this.

It’s pretty simple to write a blog post on WordPress. But one of the best ways to write a blog post is to use this content creation tool that has templates and a Google indexing tool. But we will talk more about this at the end of the vlog.

Now if you don’t know if you’re blogging it is a type of website.

You can add: 

Menu tabs: This is the navigation bar to your blog. You can direct people to your About Page, Blog Page, Tools Page, Products Page, etc.

how to write a blog post on wordpress platfrom

wordpress blogging platform

Widgets: Are images, texts, banners, categories, basically anything you want to add to a sidebar or footer on your blog. This is where you can promote your products or servies. Or hook up ot Ad Sense and make money that way.

how to write a blog post in wordpress

Embed Videos: When you embed videos into your blog post this is a vlog post. This is especially beneficial if you have a YouTube channel and want to promote your videos on your blog.

how to write blog post on wordpress

and much much more. Those are just a few awesome features available when you have a blog.

How To Write A Blog Post On WordPress

In the video below I show you step by step how to write a blog post on WordPress.

You can access the WordPress platform through SiteRubix. Create your free account and use the content creator tool for your templates and the Google indexing tool.

Once inside the platform make sure to go through the first 10 videos this will walk you through step by step how to set up your website so you can start blogging on WordPress.

What To Write On A Blog Post

Now that you know how to write a blog post in WordPress. Let’s talk about what to you can blog about.

Here are a few ideas for your blog post.

1. Industry Jargon: You can write a blog post about terms your industry uses that might be confusing for someone new or wanting to know more information.

2. Tips & Tricks: Any good tips and tricks that could help your audience? Create a post about how the tip can help them and what it is.

3. Life Lessons: Think about what you’ve learned. Is there something you’re audience could read and learn from?

The key to these ideas is to keep it specifically for your audience.

Let’s talk about an example real quick.

For example, if you are in a health company promoting nutritional powders.

Let’s say you discovered some great ways to mix your nutritional powders that are healthy and they taste great.

Create a blog post about this tip for creating delicious nutritional drinks.

Does this make sense?


By the end of the vlog post, you should easily know how to write a blog post on WordPress. You also discovered a nifty tool that can help you outline your posts that you can publish directly to the WordPress platform.  We also talked about how you can create your blog.

In the comments below, Did this help you write a blog post on WordPress?

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Talk To You Soon,

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