Get Likes On A Facebook Fan Page Organically

In this post, you are going to learn how to get likes on a Facebook page organically.


Trust me, I do understand starting out with a Fan Page can be frustrating. Especially when you see all those other brands and people whos pages have thousands of likes and tons of engagement.

But you know is okay, everyone had to start somewhere and those pages started at zero once too.

So let’s talk about how to get likes on a Facebook page organically because it’s not about just getting likes.

It is about getting the right likes to your Fan Page, you want your target audience, the people who could potentially buy your products and services to like your page.

how to get likes on a facebook page how to get likes on a facebook page

8 Tips To Getting Likes On A Facebook Page


1. Post at optimal times, by that I mean when your audience in on Facebook. You can figure this out in your Fan Page insights tab.

how to get likes on a facebook page

2. Post images or upload video. Facebook loves images and videos. Especially videos that that are uploaded directly to Facebook. If you want to learn four ways to post a video on Facebook watch the video. (Watch Video)

3. Have your profile filled out. This way when your visitors come over to your page they will see why they would want to like it. If you want to know how to set up your Facebook page watch this tutorial. (Watch Tutorial)

4. Have a Facebook LIKE plugin on your website. so when people visit your website they have an option to like your page.

how to get likes on a facebook page

5. Put a like button on your email autoresponder.

how to get likes on a facebook page

6. Link to your Fan Page from your personal profile on Facebook.

7. Engage with others in your Fan Page persona, this will drive more visitors to your Fan Page as opposed to your personal profile.

8. Get personal, show you are a real person. Show some behind the scenes stuff. People don’t want to work with a product, they want to work with you. Because you make them feel like they can do it too and you can help them.


Best Way To Get Likes On A Facebook Page

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a social media site.

You can do these 8 tips but if you are not engaging, commenting, liking and sharing with other people, your page will not grow the way you want it to.
Engagement is key when it comes to getting likes on a Facebook page.

Now you don’t want to engage with just anyone and everyone.  Because not everyone is interested in what you’re selling. So you want to engage with people who fit your market and could potentially like your page.



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  1. Nice post, Cristina! I am not a fan of Facebook but it is recommended from many people as a way to expand your online business.

    I will try your tips, I guess that my biggest issue is my lack of engagement. I post videos, links, some small articles but I am on a “share only” mode.

    1. Hello Ilias, I would have to say I have heard a few people say they are not a fan of Facebook. To tell you the truth, I at one point was as well. Getting engagement is one of the hardest things. 

      Can I ask you a question? How often do you like, comment or share other peoples content?

  2. Hi Christina

    Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable article with me. I use Facebook a lot and I only try to get people visiting my website. As a result I really don’t see many people visiting my site although I have so many friends on Facebook.

    So your article has been very helpful and I’m going to apply all your techniques to see how things work out. I know the end result will be very great.

    Once again thank you for letting me know how I can get like on my Facebook Page.

    1. Hey Stephen
      I am glad you found these techniques helpful.
      Which one do you think is working best for you?

      Your Friend 

      Christina Spohr

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