In the video below you will learn how to post a video on Facebook.

You will walk away with 4 different ways to post a video on Facebook.



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Learn Why A Facebook Fan Page Is Important For Your Business

Step By Step How To Add A Facebook Tab 


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  1. Hello friend,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this video. I have seen people posting a to of videos on Facebook and twitter, however, I didn’t have any idea on just how they were doing all of this.

    Thankfully I came across your article with this step by step video training on just how to this. I really appreciate this video very much.

    Now I can also post a video on my Facebook page. But my question is, do you have any knowledge also about posting videos on twitter?

    I will really appreciate your reply. Thanks

    1. Hey Stephen! I am excited to hear that you learned how to post videos on your Facebook.  

      To answer your question I just copy and past my urls in twitter. I upload pictures every once and awhile. But I really have not spent much time with twitter. 

      Hope this helps.

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