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I bet you have this amazing Instagram account filled with tons of great pictures and videos you want to share with your audience but you are not seeing the engagement you were expecting.

I understand this frustration. When I created my Instagram account I had no idea how to get followers, likes and comments. I was posting pictures but no one was liking my stuff.

Why is no one liking my pictures I wondered? So I did research and figured out a few tips, which I will share with you below, that helped me get more followers and likes.

So I wanted to share with you what I have found has worked so far.


Down below are 10 tips to improve Instagram reach on your profile.

1. Make sure your profile  is set public.

2. Know the best times to post. You can check your Instagram analytics for that.

3. Like and engage with other peoples IG accounts. Be active.

4. Use relevant hashtags in your photos. This helps people find you photo when they search things in the search bar.

5. Create an IG ad. Or Promote a post.

6. Use Instagram stories. Share quotes, experiences, tips and what ever you want to share with your audience.

7. Experiment with your captions. Long or short. Quotes, Statements, Questions or try using a Call To Action.

8. Take interesting, unique, pretty pictures your audience would want to like and engage with.

9. Be consistent. It is important to post daily so your audience sees your posts in their news feed.

10. Share your Instagram profile and pictures on your other social media accounts.


Now that you know 10 tips to improve Instagram reach, which one is your favorite?



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Christina Spohr


Christina Spohr

I want you to have the time to do the things you want to do in life. I want to help you reach your goals by using trusted tools & resources, step by step training, and a supportive community. Ultimately, I want to help you grow a profitable business online.



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4 thoughts on “Improve Instagram Reach With These 10 Tips”

  1. Hi Christina!

    I’ve been on Instagram for a long time now, and I can totally vouch for these tips.

    What I think is most important is the fact that people check Instagram at a certain times of the day, and that makes your pictures more visible if you know your audience behavior.

    Instagram stories and posting daily are definitely a must if you really want your feed to generate awareness.

    Thanks for the reminder 😉


  2. I have been getting decent amount of traffic to my blog from twitter based on my analytics and have given strong thought to getting on instagram for another source besides SEO. As far as engaging with other peoples IG accounts, should I be dedicating a couple hours a day for this endeavor? I heard this from Gary Vee.


    1. Yes I do think it is a good idea to engage with people on IG, make sure you are talking with people that would be interested in what you are selling. To be honest I don’t use Twitter as much as IG and Facebook. P.s Gary Vee gives out great information!  

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