Instagram Analytics Free Tool (Get To Know Your Audience)

Why Use Instagram Analytics Free Tool

Wondering what this Instagram analytics free tool is? Well in this vlog post you’ll learn exactly where to find this tool. Along with understanding the information it provides you like your post engagement or your audience’s background.

So why even check your insights? Think about the posts you share on your Instagram.

Wouldn’t you like to know which posts performed best over time?

Or see which pieces of content get the most comments or shares?

I’m sure you would want to know this information especially if you’re taking all this time posting content.

But before we dive in have you switched to an Instagram business account?  In order to access your insight, you’ll need to be on a business account or a creator account.

Where To Find The Instagram Analytics Free Tool

In order to access your Instagram analytics free, you need to go to your profile.

Then hit the 3 bars at the top and you will see ‘Insights’ on the right-hand side.

instagram analytics free tool

What To Do With Your Analytics Information

Now you can access your Instagram analytics free at any time. Let’s go over a few key things you want to look over that lets you know how your content is doing.

1. Content Insights

Below is a picture of where you review your post, stories, and promotions.

I personally have not done any promotions on Instagram, I’ve done everything organically so far. Not to say I won’t ever do promotions but at this time I am working on doing it organically so I am able to teach it to you.

If you go check out your posts you can check your insights as far back as 2 years. You’re stories only go back 14 days.

You can also go through and Select Interactions like comments, emails, follow, impressions, likes, profile visits and much more.

instagram insights explained

2. Activity Insights

Once you check out your posts and stories you can check out your overall activity. Check and see how your reach or impressions have improved.

And if you scroll to the bottom of your ‘activity’ feed you can see how many profiles visit you have or website clicks you get.

instagram analytics free tool


3. Audience Insights

And at the very end of your insights, you can check your audience. This lets you know how many followers have increased or decreased. You can check out the location, gender, and age of the audience.

instagram analytics explained


Let’s just review all that you learned about Instagram analytics free tool.  You discovered that you can access this free tool on your Instagram account. And we went over some of the Insight sections, Content, Activity, and Audience.

By now you should have an idea of how to use this tool and how powerful it is for your business.

Because you know this information about your audience and content. You can continue to publish content your audience is liking. And you know they will like it because your analytics are letting you know those types of posts are performing the best.

What do you think…

Do you think knowing your analytics can help you create better content for your audience?

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Talk To You Soon,

Christina Spohr

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