Instagram Story Background Color Hacks

In this blog post, you’ll learn some Instagram story background color hacks.  So you’ve probably been using your Instagram stories if you’re reading this post.  But sometimes the background color won’t change or you want some ways to change your background.

instagram story background color When I started creating Instagram stories I was just uploading a photo or writing text on the background the Instagram story app chose for me.  But I got really annoyed with how it looked the same every time.

I was thinking to myself if I thought my stories were boring then others probably will too. So then I decided to figure out this one Instagram stories hack to help me change the background color.

So this is why this post was created. Once I learned these awesome tricks I wanted to share them with you.  

I’m not sure if you realize but Instagram stories is a great way to market your business in a non-spammy way. This lets you sell without necessarily selling directly. You’re building trust, rapport, and retention with your audience… but let’s get back on track.

Below are some great Instagram story hacks you can start using today.  


How To Change The Instagram Story Background Color

So to keep it simple you can just use the background option the Instagram story app gives you.

instagram story background color instagram story background color

Now if you want a solid background color you can change it with your pen option.

instagram story hack for background color

More Story Background Options

Now that you learned how to change your Instagram story background color to solid let’s talk about some other background options.

Let’s say you want an Instagram story text background. All you have to do is go to the text option and start typing. Then you can adjust the text from there.

You can also have a photo or a video as a background.

You can even shrink and move your photos and videos. Have fun with it. This is a screenshot of an old story video I did. 

If you want to get real fancy you can shrink move your photos and videos and add text or emojis to make it really interesting to look at.

instagram story background color with photo and text

Those are just a few of the Instagram secrets if you want more Instagram tips make sure you subscribe to my blog updates. 🙂


Now let’s review everything you learned about how to change your Instagram story background color.

1 You can change the background using the ones given to you on the app.

2 You learned how to create a solid background color.

3 You can also create a text background.

4 You can use a photo or video as a background.

5 And we showed you how to make a fancy photo. 🙂


Now that you know these Instagram story background color hack you’re ready to promote your business on Instagram.


If I answered your question and you learned how to change your Instagram story background color make sure to let me know in the comments below…


Bye For Now,

Christina Spohr


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  1. Oh thank you so much, this gives me some inspiration for creating simple and various instagram stories. Now I understand more about using photo and text and fancy background. However, I tried changing with pen color but it doesn’t work for me. The color only change my text. When exactly do we need to pick pen color that will affect the background color? Thank you for the answer

    1. I’m so glad this helped you with your Instagram stories. 

      Its a bit tricky to get it just right… you’ll want to click the pen, pick a color and then click and hold the background. Then the color should change to it.  

      Did this help?

  2. I have an Instagram account but I don’t use it much often. Now that you gave suggestion on color hacks, then I might as well try it. This is an easy step to promote any online business. I remember in one of my Entrepreneurship classes, students were told about importance of color in marketing. Like red, orange and yellow are colors of food, blue is for corporate banking, green is for transportation and so forth. Colors are really important in advertising your product. This can be incorporated with instagram account specially if you’re into business. Thank you for sharing this useful hack to everyone. I can’t wait for another set of hacks that online marketers can apply.

    1. Yes, you are so welcome MissusB! I would completely agree with you certain colors can help you market and advertise.  Glad you found these color hacks helpful! 

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