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  1. Dear Christina,

    Everyone talks about how incredible Instagram is for branding and developing our online business. So recently decided to focus on Instagram and while doing some research found your post which is a time saver for me.

    Thanks for the embedded video and step by step walk-through which is super helpful. I am just starting with Instagram so your tips and advice means a lot to me.

    I have zero content and the 12 photos suggestion is amazing. Additional links on how to promote and market business on Instagram is very helpful.

    You have given me plenty to think about here. This post is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of! I am bookmarking your post for future reference!

    Much Success!


    1. Wow Paul, I’m so so thrilled to hear all your wonderful comment! I’m glad this will help you with your Instagram journey! 🙂 

  2. I tried to convert my account but it said I am ineligible for a business account. When I checked out the requirements it appears that I met them all. I have had trouble getting my website content out there on twitter and I think your blog my be the solution I have been looking for. It seems simple and would improve my audience expansion. Do you have any idea why the steps did not work for me?

    1. Hey Charity, 
      Hmmm, that is strange it’s saying you’re ineligible… have you tried updating all the information on your current account… making sure everything is filled out?  

      So when you go to switch your personal profile to your a business in the settings do you click the ‘convert your existing account’ option?

      Let me know if any of this helps…

      I’m glad my website helped you figure out how to get more content to your website 🙂

  3. I am glad I found this artile, I have been putting off getting an Instagram account because I thought it would be a hassle changing everything over but now I understand and it is a lot easier than I thought.

     I do have a question though, I was wondering does Instagram link to your Pinterest account?



    1. Hey Lynda… I’m so glad to have clarified everything for you! 🙂
      No, it doesn’t connect to Pinterest. 

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