Instagram Story Text Tricks

Get ready you’re about to learn some awesome Instagram story text tricks to keep eyeballs on your stories.

instagram story text tricks starting pointSo as you know the Instagram story app has tons of great features for you to use, like the emojis or background options. But in this post, we are just going to talk about the Instagram story text feature.


When I started using Instagram stories I was just writing simple texts, nothing fancy and sharing it.  But I will say I personally was like my stories look boring. If I think they are boring I bet you did too.  

So I was like I have to change this and find ways to make my stories more interesting for you. If you’re not following me on Instagram make sure to follow me so you can keep up with my stories and updates. 🙂

Once I learned these cool Instagram story tricks to make my text more interesting I had to share it.


Create Unique Text For Your Stories

Let’s dive right into the good stuff, what you really want to know about. And keep in mind all these tips help you market your business on Instagram.

So the first of many Instagram story text tricks is to switch the font style.

instagram story text trick one change fontinstagram story text trick font option

Make sure to change Instagram story text color, if that’s something you want to do.

change instagram story text color

You can also add a background around your text.

instagram story text background

And change the color of your text background.instagram story text background color

Don’t forget to enlarge or shrink your text if you don’t like the size.

Steps to moving text, Instagram stories hack. You can position it where you want in your story.

If you didn’t know already you can add multiple layers of text.

You can always change your Instagram story text background and change the font.

So those are just a few Instagram secrets to make your stories stand out.


More Instagram Story Text Tricks

One last way you can write text on your story is to use the pen feature and hand write your text.

The neon one looks especially cool when you write something.

Now that you know all these tips start promoting your business on Instagram stories.


All in all its pretty simple to create unique text that catches viewers eyeballs.  You just have to be willing to put in a few extra minutes to make it just right.

It doesnt have to be perfect.

When I  first started I wasn’t confident in sharing my stories. I thought that I needed to study others more or practice more or I would be judged and that’s not the case.  Because if I’m not trying things then I’m not learning and becoming better at what I’m doing.

That’s the only way you become better is by trying and doing.  So you have to start somewhere everyone that’s successful today is successful because they started and they continued and worked on their craft and you must do the same thing.

So now you should have learned some awesome Instagram story text tricks to help you catch your viewer’s attention.




If you have any Instagram story questions make sure to leave them on the comments below.

So let’s just review all the Instagram story text tricks I just shared with you.

  • So the first of many Instagram story text tricks is to make sure to change Instagram story text color.
  • Change the color of your text background.
  • Add a background around your text.
  • Enlarge or shrink your text.
  • Add multiple layers of text.
  • Another  Instagram story hack is to use the pen option to hand write your text.


Bye For Now,

Christina Spohr


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  1. I also use text-based Instagram stories in my profile, so this gives me more inspiration to make it a bit ‘fancier’. I always use the Strong text, but I find it boring after using it repetitively. The option to add color in the text background is nice to know, and it’s a shame but I just know that I can rotate the text 🙁 Oh yes, does the text background color only works for Strong font or it can also be used to other font types? Thanks

    1. I did the same thing… I used to do the same text over and over again it got very repetitive lol. 

      Yes, you can change the text color for all the texts, you just have to highlight it and change the color.

      Does that help?

  2. HI, I have a few questions regarding Instagram story tricks. Do all of these work on androids? Because most social media apps tend to favor apple users. Also would another engaging way be to have polls? Like to hear back from your audience? Or would having you answer questions on your story be a better way? Thank you!

    1. Hello Catrina, Yes you can use this all these tricks on an android. I have an android phone… so I actually don’t know much about an iPhone. lol 

      Yes, polls are a great way to engage with your audience… I didn’t qualify it as text… I think of it more of an emoji or a sticker add on. 

      I will say it depends on the question and the subject.. is it interesting enough for your audience to respond to the question? does the question make sense? 

      Does this all make sense? 

  3. Instagram is such a resourceful tool to expand one’s reach and I appreciate a post such as yours here that pinpoints a particular method of reaching people. Stories can be interesting and knowing text tricks allows one to level up a bit. Font style looks like a subtle way to catch peoples’ eye. I agree that you have to start somewhere. Your Instagram is fantastic and I will be following you there and here as well. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Well, I’m so happy to hear this Pentrental! 🙂

  4. Christina,

    Marketing on IG has mystified me since I first started building my sites. I don’t know if I”m getting any response from my posts over there. I will be implementing your tips and see how it goes.
    I expect to see a significant uptick. I don’t really have much going over there at the moment, so thanks for the tips!

    Have a good one,

    Gwendolyn J

    1. You are so welcome Gwendolyn I’m glad this helped! 🙂

  5. Hi Christina Spohr,

    Thanks for sharing the about Instagram text tricks. I think you have a great experience about Instagram. Your articles are a lot of help for me. I am trying to read your articles for a better experience. I hope you later write articles using this type of help for us.

    Thanks again for sharing this information.

    1. Hello Touhidur, I’m thrilled to hear you’ve found these text tricks helpful, as well as other articles! Wish you all the best!

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