Using Hashtags On Instagram To Get Likes

Reasons For Using Hashtags On Instagram For A Business

Wondering why using hashtags on Instagram for a business will help you get more likes?

You’re going to be learning just how simple it is to use hashtags and get more likes on your posts.

When I first started marketing on Instagram I was not using hashtags and I actually thought they were pointless and annoying.

But I realized I was wrong.

Hashtags actually help your posts get seen. Once I started using hashtags I started getting more likes on my posts.

Take a second and think about how many followers you have?

You then make a post at 10 am.
How many of your followers are on Instagram at 10 am?
How long does your post-stay relevant in the Instagram news feed?

This is why hashtags help, you can use them to get your photos and videos seen by using top searched hashtags.

You can use the Instagram hashtag search bar to find out the best hashtags to use, but that will be discussed below in tip 2 for using hashtags on Instagram.

So I am sure you have seen hashtags displayed in all different ways. For example:

  • Some #use #hashtags throughout the #comment.
  • Others are adding hashtags to Instagram after posting a comment. #after #the #post
  • #Then #you #have #posts #that #are #all #hashtags.

Honestly, you can mix it up and use hashtags how you like, just make it appealing to the reader and make sure it makes sense.

Tips To Using Hashtags On Instagram For Business

Down below are 4 tips to using hashtags on Instagram for business.

1. Wondering how many hashtags should I use on Instagram? Well, the limit is 30 hashtags. To be honest use as many as you’d like as long as they are relevant to your post. But if you’re not writing anything in your caption then and only using hashtags it looks pretty spammy.

2. Keep your hashtag short sweet and to the point. For example, If you post a selfie and your hashtag is #ilovemyhairtodaynot.  That is a long hashtag and a lot of people probably don’t use these hashtags.

Meaning no one will look up that hashtag and look at your picture.

Maybe use #longhair #smile #selfie, something relevant to the photo.

3. Use relevant hashtags in your post. Think about it, if you go to Instagram and you are searching for #sunsets in the search bar. And food pictures pop up, but no sunset pictures, you might be a little bit annoyed because it is irrelevant to what you are looking for. Right?

So when using hashtags on Instagram keep it relevant to the piece of content you posted.

4. Use targeted hashtags. If you have your own business you want a targeted group of people that are interested in what you are selling.

For example,  you’re selling cosmetics and you post a picture of your product. Then hashtag #trees #sunset #nature. First, that is irrelevant to your post, and second, it has nothing to do with your business. It will be hard for your audience to find your photo.

Targeted List Of Hashtags

Down below is a targeted list for hashtags you cause on Instagram for business. Let me explain this a little more. Above you learned about the Instagram hashtag search option to find popular hashtags.

But you don’t want to use just any hashtags. You want to use specific hashtags your customers would be searching for which we talked about in tip 4.

So use this targeted hashtag Instagram cheat sheet below for your business.




What was your favorite tip for “using hashtags on Instagram for business?” Share Your Thoughts In The Comments.

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