What Are The Top Times To Post On Instagram?

Top Times To Post On Instagram For More Engagement

Wondering what the top times to post on Instagram are?

Well in this vlog post you’ll learn how to find the times on your own Instagram profile.

Watch the video below we will also talk about which times you should pick or which days to pick and how to schedule your posts.

Figuring Out The Top Times To Post On Instagram

So now that we talked in the video a little about why posting at certain times can help your engagement lets show you how to access this information if you didn’t know.

You’ll need to go to your Instagram profile page and click the three bars at the top to visit your Insights tab.

find out top times to post on instagram inside insights tab

Once inside you’ll go to your Audience tab.

This lets you know your audience’s age, gender, and location.

top times to post on instagram

What Are The Top Times To Post On Instagram?

Okay so once you go to your insights and check the top times to post, I actually wrote out the top hours for each day.

My insights told me these were the best times to post.

  • Monday | 9am or 12pm
  • Tuesday | 12pm or 3pm
  • Wednesday | 9am or 3pm
  • Thursday | 12pm or 6pm
  • Friday | 12pm or 3pm
  • Saturday | 9am or 3pm
  • Sunday | 12pm or 6pm

You can use these times above if you’re new to Instagram or don’t have any analytics yet.

Remember the more you post, the more you are active and get more engagement on your profile the more analytics will show up for you to review.

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