Build Your Business And Brand With A Fan Page


So you might already have created a Fan Page or not.

Either way, you’re wondering HOW a Fan Page can help your business as opposed to just using the personal profile on Facebook.

In this post, you will learn why a Facebook Fan Page is so important for your business.

When I first started using Facebook I didn’t fully understand it. I knew I should post things on my profile and share my links to my business. But I was doing it in a spammy way and sharing it with the wrong audience, so of course, my link got banned on Facebook and I was blocked for three days. Mind you this was four years ago.

But I did learn a valuable lesson, my personal friends are not my clients or my customers. They are not interested in seeing every single thing about my business life. But they do want to see my life updates and sharing personal friend and family moments. Think about it you may not want these personal moments shared and seen by just everyone.

So by creating a Fan Page, I separated my business from my personal life. I am not saying never share your personal life on your Fan Page, but you do want to post more relevant content to your business geared towards your clients and customers.

For example, if you want to share how awesome your breakfast is you should share that on your personal profile unless you are in some health, nutrition, or weight loss company, then this post would be relevant for your page.

Personal Profile Vs Facebook Fan Page

Let’s talk about the differences between a Facebook personal profile and a Fan Page.

A personal page is where your friends are. People must add you as a friend or they can follow you. There is also a limit of 5000 friends.  Your friends on your personal page are your friends, they might not want to see every single business post and updates in your business like what we talked about above.

On your personal page, you can share a link to your Fan Page this way your friends have an option to LIKE your page and see your posts. This way you are not forcing them to be apart of your business.

So on a Fan Page, people Like your page and there can be an unlimited number of likes.

Keep in mind you can’t create a Fan Page without having a regular Facebook profile.

To be honest, Facebook doesn’t like you to sell your business on your personal profile that is why they have made a Fan Page business friendly.

You may have also heard of this thing called ads and you need a Fan Page to create and run ads.

If you’re wondering how to create a Fan Page, on the left-hand side of the home page on your Facebook profile is a list; this shows you the pages you have liked, your pages or the very bottom create a page option.  You can also go to the upper right-hand corner to the drop-down menu and click create a Fan Page.



Facebook Fan Page Benefits


Let’s just talk about some of the 6 best Facebook Fan Page features that benefit your business.

1. One of the several ways a Fan Page helps your business is by letting you reach a broader audience. Like we talked about you can have an unlimited number of likes on your page.  If you want to reach more people you can always create an ad promoting your Fan Page or you can promote a current post.

2. Filling out your Fan Page profile in detail like adding a short description about yourself and business will let your visitors know how you and this Page will help them.  You can also add a link that lets visitors check out your website.

3. You can create Tabs that sending visitors to a specific link, an offer, other social media account, a blog post, or a video.

4. On your banner, there is a button option where you can promote your business.

5. You can schedule your posts ahead of time on a Fan Page saving you time. You are unable to do this on a personal profile.

6. One of the most powerful features on a Fan Page is the Insights tab.  This gives you feedback on the engagement on your posts, your audiences; gender, age, and demographics. You can also find out the best times to be posting so your audience sees your post updates and more.



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  1. This article is very enlightening and useful. I agree with the fact that a Facebook fan page is important for building a business and brand. I have a business and brand which I promote using a Facebook fan page and I am able to reach as many audience as I desire compared to when I was using my personal Facebook profile. The Facebook fan page has really help in improving my business and promoting my brand. I will recommend the use of Facebook fan page to anyone that aims at improving their business and brand. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. That is awesome that you already use a Fan Page! You are ahead of the game! 🙂

      I am curious about your thoughts, What is your Favorite feature on a Fan Page? What do you find most useful for your business?

  2. Thanks for the post!, I now understand what to do if my website ever blows up haha.

    I liked the points you gave, especially about the scheduling part with a fan page. I had no idea that feature existed and could really save time if I ever created one.

    Will defiantly check back on your website for more relevant information! 🙂

    1. Hey Jeremy! I am glad you found a tip you could use! Looking forward to sharing more great tips with you! 🙂

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